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International Orders

The following policies apply to ALL orders shipping or billing to addresses outside of the United States and Canada.

Please provide a valid phone number and email address on all orders.  If we are unable to contact you via phone and/or email we will not ship your order.

In an effort to reduce fraudulent orders and to keep our costs as low as possible, please review the following requirements for all new customers with a billing or shipping address outside of the USA/Canada. 

New customers with a billing or shipping address outside of the USA or Canada are required to make a wire payment on their first order.  PayPal and Credit Cards will not be accepted.  After we have established a relationship with you and successfully delivered orders to your address we will be able to take a credit card or PayPal payment on future orders.  On your first order there will be a $25 wire fee in addition to your shipping costs to cover our bank fees for receiving the wire.

 First time customers billing or shipping outside of the USA and Canada should select “Money Order” as your payment method.   We will then send you wire instructions for your payment.

 If you have any questions about placing an international order, please email before placing the order.